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“I sit alone at my window sill,
Trees crackle, sunshine blares,
And children laugh like death.
Their sharp happiness is a knife to me.
One jealous snake on a window sill.
“They will be here, trees and sun
And children with canes and pruney skin.
When I am but a memory,
A laugh in the trees of time.
“I sit alone and try to love them.
I sit alone, a snake.
I sit alone and try to love them.
I sit alone and laugh.”

Das habe ich nicht selbst geschrieben!(Gedicht aus einer Serie,BtvS)

Noch ein Text,der mir persönlich sehr gut gefallen hat,auch aus BtvS

Bottom line is,even if you see 'em coming,you´re not ready for the big moments.No one ask for their life to change,not really.But it does.
So what are we?Helpless?Puppets?NO!
The big moments are gonna come,you can´t help that.It´s what you do afterwards that counts.Then you find out who you are

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Hm..bin Blink182 & Plus44 vernarrt Mehr gibbet gerad nich zu erzählen :P

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